Landscape Surfer is now closed.

About Us

Closing Down Sale

Landscape Surfer is now in the process of evolving in a new direction, so we are clearing the decks and all stock must go!!

20% OFF until it's all gone!!

Thanks again for your suppport thoughout 2015/2016


Cheers Rob and Lia

Welcome to Landscape Surfer

- we are a New Zealand (Bay of Plenty) based company that is all things Mini Quad.


Rob, (the bloke that owns and operates Landscape Surfer - along with a small dedicated team) is a total FPV Mini Quad addict - I fly whenever I can, wherever I can - legally of course :P

I also fly other types of multirotors,  and other forms of  actual in person flight, but there is something about the smaller multirotors that keeps me blasting off into the distance to recharge my endorphins.

The Landscape Surfer team have the knowledge and expertise to help you out with selecting the right components for your builds and upgrades.

If I am not actually flying, I am thinking of it, watching it back in HD, or continuing on with forever improving and tweaking, rebuilding my own birds/machines and of course working on and in my online store.

Years ago I took up Paragliding, free flying for the first 5 years and then onto motorized, moments in time that will forever be in my thoughts and memories along with the odd "life flashing before my eye moments" where you do escape a close call and realize your own mortaility is a fact.

This form of sport aviation flying is unlike anything ever before - truly being able to fly and rip around a landscape faster than a bird, closer than ever before, and with little to no risk to you or anyone else - yet I still get the same intense feelings I would get when I flew for "real" but this form is just so liberating once you get the hang of it - truly a thing of dreams, now an everyday experience I can have!! - Rob, owner of Landscape Surfer